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Your new product is almost ready to hit the shelves. But do you want to know what your target audience thinks? You can communicate with a million like-minded users on PollPe to see if your product appeals to them.

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What makes us unique


Your market research is answered by a diverse group of audience. We provide real-time analytics and insights to make the whole process transparent.

No mediators

We eliminate the need for middlemen at PollPe, allowing you to connect with thousands of individuals and learn their true opinions.

Fastest Responses

You can host several polls on our platform, and we provide you with a stunning dashboard that gives you the quickest updates for every response captured!

#AskAnything Kuchh bhi puchho on PollPe!

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How is PollPe redefining the market research in the 21st century?

No more traditional boring surveys

Because we discovered that people dislike filling out lengthy surveys. Creating polls on our platform is as easy as it is on Facebook and LinkedIn.

1000+ responses within 60 minutes

Thousands of polls are answered daily on PollPe. Users certainly love to explore our application and help in the market research for businesses like yours!

Interactive quick polls

Pollpe has a monthly user base of over a million people. They utilize the PollPe app to participate in polls and win cash prizes and rewards. These polls are designed to collect market research and data that can assist you in scaling your business.

Moreover, you can also create your own Polls with opinions that concern your research.

Realtime faster results

We provide you with a dedicated dashboard when you run a poll. In real-time, you can see how many people have replied to your polls and what demographics they represent.

Our Clients

Create and Host Polls now!

PollPe can help you to collect a lot of useful data for your business. You can allow us to activate such polls on the app by selecting an audience density. Users interact with your poll and offer vital feedback on your products when they find it. The best part is that you can always monitor their replies using a real-time analytics dashboard!


No way man!

Collecting demographics is the simplest task on PollPe. That is because we provide you with a professional dashboard and do not involve any mediators to carry out your research. Knowing the opinions of your target audience is super smooth on PollPe!

Why is it crucial to know your audience's core characteristics?

Your business can function with a clear vision if you know the basic details about the consumers. Their daily choices, tastes & preferences, income & marital status play a huge role in their mindset to buy your products! Hosting Polls will allow you direct and to the point analysis of their day-to-day life. And by getting those demographics, you can boost your sales game!


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